Foreign skilled workers and professionals are greatly needed in Canada. The Canadian skilled worker visa uses a point scoring system. The number of points required to qualify can vary.

Why Choose UK Visa Xpats For Your Canada Visa?

Points are awarded for:
  • Age (preferably between 17 and 49)
  • Work Experience
  • Proficiency in English and/or French (Canada’s two official languages)
  • Pre-arranged employment in Canada
  • Education and
  • Adaptability (how well you are likely to settle in Canada)

The skilled worker visa program allows the immigration of the worker’s spouse or unmarried partner as well as any unmarried children under 22 years old. Contact us and we can assess your situation and determine whether you qualify for a skilled worker visa and get your paperwork started.


The Federal Skilled Trades program allows individuals with job offers or appropriate certification to work in certain occupations to obtain Canadian Permanent Residency in any Canadian Province or Territory other than Quebec. Quebec Skilled Worker applicants intending to reside in the province of Quebec are selected based upon a different set of criteria than applicants who wish to settle elsewhere in Canada.

To qualify for the skills trade programme, you must meet the minimum requirements:
  • Plan to live outside the province of Quebec (Note: The province of Quebec selects its own skilled workers)
  • Meet the required levels in English and/or French
  • Have at least two years of full-time work experience (or an equal amount of part-time work experience) in a skilled trade within the five years before you apply
  • Meet the job requirements for the skilled trade as set out in the National Occupational Classification (NOC), except for needing a certificate of qualification
  • Have an offer of full-time employment for a total period of at least one year or a certificate of qualification in that skilled trade issued by a Canadian provincial or territorial authority


The province of Quebec has different immigration laws than the rest of Canada. Like the skilled worker visa for Canada, there is a points-based qualification system, but the values are calculated differently. Immigrants bringing a spouse and/or family will have to score more points than one immigrating alone. Points are awarded for factors believed to indicate that the immigrant can support themselves (and their family, if applicable), and their ability to adapt to life in Quebec.

As with any point system, it can be difficult to prove that you qualify. Our immigration experts can help you get the visa you deserve, quickly.

Don’t make a costly mistake by selecting the wrong visa. Contact UK Visa Xpats today by completing our online enquiry form and one of our immigration specialists will call you or simply call 0203 105 8094 and our assessment team will ask you for some basic details and pass these on to one of our exclusive network of immigration specialists.

Why Choose UK Visa Xpats For Your Canadian Permanent ResidenceVisa?

Here is how we help you migrate to Canada:
  • Assessment: UK Visa Xpats provides an in-depth assessment of your eligibility, clearly outlining the most appropriate option for you.
  • Career Options: Our immigration lawyers will assist you in finding suitable career options into Canada that can lead to permanent residency.
  • Documentation: We will undertake on your behalf a qualification conversion, reference checks, CV and cover letter in compliance with Canadian standards.
  • Career Clinic: Interview preparation for securing job in Canada.
  • Job Searches: Conducted on your behalf by our Canadian recruitment team.
  • Job Interviews: With Canadian companies willing to sponsor a foreign worker on a full-time permanent basis.
  • Work Permit & Visa Application: Your visa application will be prepared, reviewed and submitted by one of our registered ICCRC Canadian Immigration Lawyers.

Our staff will help you determine which of the permanent residence visa programmes suit your situation and needs. Let us help you with your Canadian Visa application by completing our online enquiry form and one of our immigration specialists will call you or simply call 0203 105 8094 and our assessment team will ask you for some basic details and pass these on to one of our exclusive network of immigration specialists.



We are registered and regulated with Canada’s ICCRC to offer the most up-to-date immigration advice. We are not affiliated with any Government and you are free to make an application directly to the Government who will only charge you their visa fees. The Government will not assist in the preparation or building of your application before its submitted. The ways in which to do this are not always clearly set out by the immigration authorities and result in many applicants presenting their cases incorrectly, inevitably leading to a refusal. UK Visa Xpats has the expertise to ensure that all your options are made clear to you and your application completed to the highest standards. We provide a free assessment and only charge for additional services agreed in advance and in writing with no hidden charges.