UK Fiance Visa

Fiance visa allows the fiance of a British citizen or a person with an Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR), refugee or humanitarian protection to join their fiance in the UK.

This type of visa allows a foreign national to join their fiance in the UK for up to 6 months with a view to getting married. An application should be made within the UK after your wedding ceremony for a spouse visa. A successful spouse visa application will enable you to live with your partner in the UK for at least 30 months. You will need to apply for an extension of your 30 months spouse visa before it expires as long as the requirements can be met. This visa category will lead to an Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) after 5 years.

The UK Fiance Visa rules requires all applicants intending to get married in the UK to obtain their fiance visa before travelling to the UK.

UPDATE: changes to minimum income requirement for fiance visa uk

Recent changes to immigration law mean that the Home Office must now take into consideration specified circumstances if the UK fiance does not currently meet the minimum income threshold. After 10th August 2017, decisions for fiance visa applications must take into consideration other methods of financing. This might include self-sustainability, continued financial support from a ‘third party’ or prospective employment in the UK. These changes will offer some hope for those who have previously had their fiance visa rejected, or those who have put off applying.

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What are the fiance visa requirements?

The four main requirements to be met are:
  • Prove of genuine and subsisting relationship between the applicant and the sponsor;
  • Meeting the financial requirements (currently a minimum of £18,600 gross annual income);
  • Meet the English language requirement; and
  • Meet accommodation requirement.
Other requirements:
  • The applicant and their sponsor must have met each other;
  • The applicant and their sponsor must be at least 18 years of age;
  • The applicant must be of good character;
  • The applicant must be seeking entry for purposes of getting married in the UK.

If you demonstrate by way of evidence that you meet all the requirements for a fiance visa, you will be given permission to enter the UK for up to six months.

You will need to apply for an initial spouse visa after your wedding ceremony. A successful consideration of your application will result in being granted a 30 months visa.

After a 5 year period, you can apply for settlement (ILR) in the UK. Alternatively, you may be eligible to apply under the less stringent 10 year route which overlooks the financial and English language requirement, although you will need to show insurmountable obstacles to family life with your spouse continuing overseas.

Switching from your Fiance visa to a spouse visa category

Switching visas in the UK is when someone who currently has a valid visa decides to switch to being in a different visa category. One of the options is switching to a spouse visa where the proposed applicant is married to a British Citizen, a person with an Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR), refugee status or humanitarian protection.

Migrants who are currently in the UK with a valid fiance visa and married to a British national, a person with an indefinite leave to remain, refugee status or humanitarian protection can apply to switch into a spouse visa category from inside the country.

Can I extend my fiance visa

A foreign national fiance who was last granted a fiance visa, is able to apply for an extension of their fiance visa as long as there is a good reason for not getting married within the initial 6 months visa.

Please note that if your fiance visa application was granted prior to 9th July 2012, your extension application will be considered in line with Part 8 of the Immigration Rules. However, if your fiance visa application was granted on or after 9th July 2012, your extension application will be considered in line with Appendix FM of the Immigration Rules.

It is also important to note that fiance visa applications which are considered under Appendix FM as mentioned above would be subject to meeting the financial requirements which involves showing an annual income of at least GBP 18,600 before tax.

What happens if your relationship ends?

If you are separated or divorced from your fiance, it is important to let the Home Office know as soon as possible as this can have an impact on your future visa applications. There are options available for you to stay in the UK, but it is important to act quickly.

How do I apply for a fiance visa?

Applying for a fiance visa can be complex and using the services of an immigration expert is highly recommended. UK Visa Xpats has an excellent track record with fiance visa cases and our lawyers are highly experienced in this field. Get in touch with UK Visa Xpats today for friendly, no obligation advice from the professionals.

What happens if your fiance visa is refused?

If you receive a letter saying your fiance visa is refused, you will need to act quickly in order to appeal the decision or apply for another visa.

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